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  • Accelerated Degree Programs

    Rigorous liberal arts education on an accelerated timeline

    3-Year Degree

    For students motivated to pursue an accelerated undergraduate degree, Goucher College offers three-year tracks for five of its current majors.

    This accelerated degree program track offers financial and academic incentives to those interested in year-round classes. In addition to the financial savings, this is a unique opportunity to join one of the few programs like this in the world where, when paired with selected academic partnership programs, students could graduate with both an undergraduate and graduate degree in four years.

    This program is only offered to incoming first-year students.

    Participating Majors

    The accelerated three-year undergraduate degree program is available in five majors.

    *Accelerated graduate degree program/s available.

    The year-round undergraduate accelerated degree program offers traditional fall and spring semester courses with the addition of J-Term (winter) and June and July (summer) courses. The Goucher Commons curriculum requirements would be offered in the winter and summer sessions so students could stay on track to take major-specific courses in the fall and spring.

    To join this track, students must declare their major no later than the second semester of their first year. Once a major is declared, students will have access to major-specific advisors.

    Academic Partnerships

    Goucher has partnered with other notable institutions to provide students with expanded academic and post-graduate opportunities, including 4+1 programs and accelerated graduate pathways.

    Depending on the student’s undergraduate major, accelerated graduate programs are available from Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School with a Master of Science in Business Analytics & Risk Management, Finance, Health Care Management, Information Systems, or Marketing, or from Loyola University Maryland Emerging Leaders M.B.A program.

    Academic Partnerships